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We are an effective, compassionate ministry saving lives, renewing hope through intervention and faith-based recovery treatment that provides healing to those affected by alcoholism and drug addictions.

Through our association with the Christian Service Charities Federation, Alcohol & Drug Recovery Fund receives support from employees of the federal government through the Combined Federal Campaign.

To participate in the Combined Federal Campaign, Alcohol & Drug Recovery Fund must meet stringent requirements set forth by the federal government and must belong to a Federation.

If you are a federal employee, or know someone who is, it’s easy to support the work of Alcohol & Drug Recovery Fund by designating your workplace contribution to Alcohol & Drug Recovery Fund, number 12172 in the CFC.

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Christian Service Charities Federation was founded in 1994 to unite and represent Christian charities in workplace fundraising drives. Each charity within the Christian Service Charities Federation has fulfilled specific criteria for membership, including a stringent legal and financial review.

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United Way

United Way works to engage the caring power of communities to make positive, sustainable changes and improve lives, and assist in times of disaster. Many workplaces use the United Way for their charitable giving campaigns. If you would like to give to Alcohol & Drug Recovery Fund through the United Way, please write in “Alcohol & Drug Recovery Fund” on your charitable giving form at work. You must designate ADRF in this way or your gift will go to United Way general fund rather than ADRF.

Thank you!

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About Alcohol & Drug Recovery Fund

Alcohol & Drug Recovery Fund provides healing help to those affected by alcoholism and drug addiction.

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