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Alcohol and Drug Recovery Fund provides:

  • detox and recovery assistance for drug and alcohol addicts
  • food, shelter, education, counseling, and other necessary care for those affected by drug abuse and/or alcoholism
Services provided by ADRF in 2014

Rancho de Cristo home in Camalu


Alcohol & Drug Recovery Fund supported the rehabilitation services of Rancho de Cristo in Camalu, an outreach of Foundation For His Ministry.

Led by Ramon Avitia, medical doctor and pastor, this 5-acre ranch program ministers to about 25 men at a time, providing detox and recovery services for reentry into society free from the bondage of drugs and alcohol.

When a man’s addiction is broken, he can choose to remain in the halfway house at the ranch until his life has stabilized and he has learned job skills to help him become independent.Alcohol and Drug Recovery Fund gave a total of $2,000.00 to Foundation for His Ministry, which administers the Casa de Cristo rehab program. This program provides treatment for people with alcohol and drug addiction. A gift of $2,000.00 was given on 04/10/14.

Child participant in HIV-sponsored VBS in Uganda


ADRF provided a one-time grant of $15,000.00 in support of He Intends Victory, a Christian ministry to individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. A majority of service recipients also struggle with substance abuse. Education, prevention, individual counseling and support group programs are provided in Kampala, Uganda. Many individuals have benefited from this program. ADRF sent $15,000.00 on 04/23/15.

Kids who are orphans of parents who died of AIDS are also loved and helped.

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Alcohol & Drug Recovery Fund provides healing help to those affected by alcoholism and drug addiction.

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