The Rehabilitation Center


Man in front of the house

History of the Center in Camalu

The vision for the Rehabilitation Center was born out of an awareness of the need for a place where men could go to be set free by the power of God.

A piece of property was purchased, a converted bus and camper pulled onto the lot, a small meeting room was built from donated materials and glass paneled doors, and we began ministering to those who wanted to be set free.

With the help of workgroups that visit the Mission from the U.S. and Canada, a beautiful house with room for 10 has been constructed, and the residents are constantly making improvements to the property.

Graduates are offered a “second step”

They live at an independent living situation at a house nearby where they can work, save their money, and continue to be encouraged in the ways of God.

The Program

Learning to work hard and be active in the service of God are important parts of the program.

A garden and a few farm animals are kept to provide food and develop responsibility.

Residents participate in outreach ministry to jails, migrant work camps and bar zones, as well as attend services in the local church.

Days are periodically set aside for seeking God in His Word, prayer, and fasting.

Although not everyone who comes to the Rehabilitation Center is permanently set free, most who complete the program have been changed forever.

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