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Alcohol and Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS

Alcohol & Drug Recovery Fund helps in Uganda by supporting the work of He Intends Victory, which has served the global AIDS community as a Non-Government Organization (NGO).

AIDS orphans are the “most” forgotten group of all of those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS around the world. They are stigmatized and often ridiculed in their own countries and their needs are often ignored.

ADRF helped sponsor a Vacation Bible School in Uganda in the summer of 2014. This VBS shows the orphans that they have value, and that God loves them. The kids get new t-shirts, a baggie to take home filled with a toy, some candy, practical items for their mothers like clothes pins, safety pins, pencils and pens, toothbrushes and more. They watch a wonderful skit, hear stories, play fun games, do crafts related to the Bible stories, and sing a lot! They also eat a full lunch, a rarity in Uganda.

Under the direction of Rev. Moses Drake Luswata, and a sensitive staff, education, spiritual counsel, and direct care are provided to men and women who are struggling with alcoholism and drug abuse.

Real people experience real change

In their own words, Kamparo Elastus and Ankello Sharifah share their stories of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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Kamparo’s story

The year 1963 is when I started to drink alcohol of all types. In the year 1969, the group which used to walk with me groomed me to be a Bhangs smoker, so I started to be an alcoholic and a Bhang smoker. I took many years using these things, whenever I drink alcohol and smoke Bhang; problems were the order of the day. All those problems pivoted around me while unmarried.

In the year 1970, the four guys who belonged to my favorite group went somewhere to rob and were shot dead. This incident helped me to abstain completely from Bhang smoking but still continuing to practice alcoholism, however alcoholic life led me to fall into many problems which made me to understand that drinking is also bad.

I myself decided to abandon drinking and smoking Bhang. Unfortunately I could not give up and in 2003 I met with Pastor Luswata’s wife who preached to me the good news about Christ who died for me and when I accepted she brought me to her husband Pastor Moses and he prayed for me and he asked to continue coming to church. I decided to give up drinking and smoking cigarette with Bhangs. From that time up to the present am free from all that junk, I am now married and I am working. I thank God for having met with the family of pastor Moses which has changed my life. My word today to those people who are still using those things is to make U-turn and follow Jesus.

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Akello’s story

I started drink alcohol right from 2000, to make it worse I was also chewing intoxicating herbs. When I became pregnant, I went to the Ante Natal Clinic. In those days even to the present time it’s hard to get treatment unless you’ve tested for HIV Status; so at that time when I was tested, I was found HIV+. The doctors took me in a private room for counseling. Some of the questions they asked me were whether my husband and me have ever gone for HIV test and answered them, ‘NO’! Thereafter the doctor told me that I was HIV+ and this news was almost killing me.

When I went back home I didn’t want to talk to my husband and I heavily continued drinking though I was a Muslim. After a few years my husband died, and this distressed me and I hated my life.

One day I met my neighbor who is a widow and I asked her how she is managing her life because she was looking healthy and yet I knew her husband died of HIV and AIDS. She told me that she will take me where I will get help. When she told me that I was so happy, I think that I am going to get money.

So one day she brought me to He Intends Victory where I found happy people and they welcomed me and on that day my life was happy again. I continued to come to the meeting of He Intends Victory and Pastor Moses started visiting me regularly, prayed with me, and I accepted Jesus Christ, which helped me to quit drinking alcohol.

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